What Are The Commonly Ignored Safety Guidelines For A Pool?

A pool inspection in Sydney is important because many people may tend to ignore certain safety guidelines. Pool inspections are also an important way of maintaining your property and ensuring all safety requirements are met before jumping in.

Here are some commonly ignored pool safety guidelines:

Make sure you have a fence around your pool
Pool fencing is an absolute requirement when it comes to owning a swimming area, and it is also one of the most commonly ignored safety aspects. This is a crucial safety measure that helps keep children and pets safe by ensuring they cannot get into the area without supervision. It should be at least one metre high, solid or with horizontal bars spaced no more than 100mm apart so nothing can slip through. It also prevents people from falling in when drunk or unsupervised which will help to avoid any unnecessary accidents. There are other elements you need to consider such as gates being lockable and self-closing.

Even if your property already has a fence around the swimming pool area, it’s important to look for potential weak spots where something might be able to squeeze inside undetected. A pool safety inspection in Sydney is a must when getting ready to sell your home in case the existing fencing is not up to standard.

Install a safety cover on the pool when it’s not in use to prevent accidents.
A safety cover for the pool is a great idea to install when it is not in use for the evening or weekend. This will prevent any accidents that could occur if someone were to fall into the pool unknowingly and no one was there to help them out of the water safely.

Have an alarm system installed so if there is an emergency, someone will be alerted.
Pool alarm systems are a necessity when there is a pool on the property. Not only will it help with safety, but if someone were to fall into the water and needed assistance in an emergency situation, this alarm system would alert anyone who was nearby for their assistance. There are also alarm systems that sound off when they detect motion in the water, and activating one of these alarm systems is just as helpful.

Keep all chemicals out of reach from children and pets.
Chemicals are required to keep pool water clean and germ free, but they can pose a danger if they are not kept in the proper place. Children may try to play with them, which can lead to injuries if these chemicals are spilled on their skin or ingested. Pets who become curious will also want to get into what is out of reach and could possibly ingest something that isn’t meant for consumption by animals either. A pet owner should be aware of any possible chemical hazards before purchasing a house next door to anyone with a pool so pets aren’t put at risk while visiting friends’ homes or swimming areas nearby.

Always wear appropriate swimwear; don’t wear normal clothes while swimming or diving into water.
Wearing proper swimwear is important because normal clothes could weight a person down and increase the chances of drowning. Swimwear also prevents the spread of waterborne diseases. It is important to be aware that even if a person does not plan on swimming, they should still wear swimwear because they could fall in by accident and result in drowning or injury.

Don’t leave any food near the pool that might attract insects or animals.
One of the most important safety tips for a home swimming pool is not to leave any food near or around it that might attract insects or animals as they can be dangerous if people get too close, especially children who could panic and accidentally slip into the water which would cause them to drown. This is why its best practice to keep all lids shut on garbage bins and make sure there’s no foods left out in open spaces like an outdoor dining table where ants could easily reach it.

Having a pool safety inspection done each year to ensure the property and the home are up to code with all regulations set by the local authorities, will help avoid any costly fines for not following guidelines correctly.

Trendy Lipstick Boxes designs at wholesale rate

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When Should You Add Direct Sales to Your Marketing Mix?

Sales and Marketing will be more important than ever as we continue to recover from the recession. This is primarily true because growth through acquisition of smaller companies is more difficult given the tight credit markets. So the key question is, “When is it appropriate to add direct sales to your marketing mix?” Here are some important factors to consider.

Sales has many key benefits: Direct sales allows you to give your target prospect personalized attention and education, build a relationship, communicate complex ideas, overcome objections, demonstrate products and services, obtain immediate feedback, pursue larger deals, and customize your message to each prospect.

Sales has two important drawbacks: Utilizing a sales force can be quite expensive and is an impractical way to reach a mass audience.

Sales can take several forms: Direct sales can be conducted through the use of telemarketers, inside salespeople, outside salespeople, or a collaborative team approach. Compensation of salespeople can be achieved via a base salary, base salary + commission, or commission only. If you are not sure which form or compensation to use, research your or similar industries to see what is effective. If you are still uncertain about which approach to pursue, experiment with each method. It is difficult to find good salespeople that are willing to work on a commission-only basis, but obviously carry the advantage of representing no fixed cost to your business.

Use of the sales approach should be analyzed pragmatically: The bottom line question to ask is, “Does the lifetime value of my average customer exceed the acquisition cost for my average customer?” If the answer is no, you should obviously avoid utilizing a direct sales approach.

In summary, direct sales is a very effective part of the marketing mix with many important benefits. Conduct the proper analysis and experimentation to see if it is a good fit for your business.


Sanjit Singh is the CEO and Founder of SalesThink, an executive leadership and sales coaching company, and President of USS Logistics, a transportation company. Sanjit draws from his 18 years of award-winning sales performance in the software, medical device, and transportation industries to drive sales teams to reach a higher level of achievement. He has helped a number of successful sales teams and is considered a turnaround expert for poorly performing sales teams.